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Innovation, sustainability and business development
(Ref. SEJ-481)
July 2020
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Information about the group

ISDE is a research group mainly focused on relevant topics related to organizational innovation and sustainability. Our holistic orientation allows us a better comprehension about how managers and directors may improve the organizations’ and regions’ potential to protect the natural environment. Our purpose is to find managerial solutions with potential to integrate both competitive and social responsible issues through different types of organizational innovations.

ISDE includes more than 30 experts from different areas, all of them highly connected with organizations’ innovation and corporate social responsibility. 20 of our members are doctors with a widely recognized carrier and publications in top-tier journals. Our goal is to create knowledge to improve the economic and environmental development. Our interests are internationally oriented towards the equilibrium between economic and environmental progresses.

ISDE was created at the University of Granada (Spain). The majority of its experts do teaching here. This situation allows us to receive new, continuous and rich flows of knowledge and develop a rigorous methodology. These aspects are integrated as the main “raison d’ être” of the organization in order to create solid bridges between a quality research and business reality through formation, diffusion and sensibility. Therefore, we develop our projects thinking about how useful they can be for researchers, public and private agents, governments, private organizations and directors.

The structure of ISDE is horizontal. Indeed, different teams are created in order to develop the different projects according to the area of interest and the specialization of each member of the research group. Each project has its own coordinator as well. Moreover, ISDE has a small office for administrative purposes. Dr. Eulogio Cordón Pozo is the Director of ISDE and coordinates the administrative tasks and the global analyses of all the projects.

ISDE is an organization recognized by the Andalusia Regional Government (Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa de la Junta de Andalucía), different national and international institutions and collaborates with different public and private agents.

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