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Innovation, sustainability and business development
(Ref. SEJ-481)
agosto 2018
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S. Gómez Haro and R. Salmerón Gómez,  "Life cycles or longer tenures? a performance and employment duration model for Spanish basketball coaches", "Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice " , vol.8, 36-52, 2015
J. Aguilera Caracuel, J. Guerrero-Villegas and M. Morales Raya,  "Corporate Citizenship of Multinational Enterprises and Financial Performance: The Moderating Effect of Operating in Developing Countries", "Ethical Perspectives (Printed)" , vol.22, 437-467, 2015
M.D. Vidal Salazar, E. Cordón Pozo and J.M. De La Torre Ruiz,  "Impacto de los modelos de compensación flexible en la atracción y la retención del talento" , 14-37, 2015
V. Ferron Vilchez, J.M. De La Torre Ruiz and N. Ortiz Martínez De Mandojana,  "HOW MUCH WOULD ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES COST? THE INTERNALISATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS IN THE EUROPEAN TRANSPORT INDUSTRY", "Environmental Engineering and Management Journal" , vol.14, 2149-2162, 2015
J.A. Aragon Correa, I. Martin Tapia and J.M. De La Torre Ruiz,  "Sustainability issues and hospitality and tourism firms' strategies: Analytical review and future directions", "International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management" , vol.27, 498-522, 2015
J.A. Aragon Correa and D.I. Leyva De La Hiz,  "The Influence of Technology Differences on Corporate Environmental Patents: A resource-based Versus an Institutional View of Green Innovations", "Business Strategy and the Environment" , vol.25, 421-434, 2015
T. Hahn and J.A. Aragon Correa,  "Toward cognitive plurality on corporate sustainability in organizations: The role of organizational factors", "Organization & Environment" , vol.28, 255-263, 2015
S. Gómez Haro and R. Salmerón Gómez,  " Recovering performance in the short term after coach succession in Spanish basketball organisations", "Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice " , vol.9, 24-37, 2015

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